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 Our Work 

Voter Formation Project fills a significant gap as the sole digital-only, Black-led organization to focus on year-round, ongoing pro-civic engagement messaging to communities of color.


This sustained messaging is key to bringing new voters of color into the electorate and works to push back on the disinformation campaigns that are often targeted at these communities.

 The Highlights 


  • Lack of long-term, multi-year digital civic engagement campaigns

  • Need for different strategies to reach people who have been left out of the civic engagement and voting process

  • Online disinformation which specifically targets people of color

Our strategy centers on placing pro-democracy, pro-civic engagement messaging on social media and other online platforms to shift attitudes well before asking people to register and vote. 

 The Solution 

  • Shifting the narrative through sustained digital presence of pro-democracy, pro-civic engagement messages

  • Reaching and engaging with Black and Brown communities through specific targeting

  • Creating engaging, culturally relevant creative content tailored for specific audiences

  • Rigorously researching, testing, and refining our work

 The Work 

Drawing on commercial marketing best practices – aka “full-funnel marketing” –  Voter Formation Project runs three phases of culturally relevant digital ads to identify potential voters of color online and then encourage them along the pathway to vote:

  1. Long-term pro-democracy, pro-civic engagement messaging

  2. Voter registration

  3. Voter mobilization (GOTV or “get out the vote”)

Reaching and motivating our audience to get registered and out to vote requires ongoing, consistent messaging over long periods of time.

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