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Everyone can use their own unique skills, passions, and experience to make a difference in their community. When we look out for one another and remember that we all have something to contribute, the impact can be huge. 


Making beautiful art to share your experiences with others, volunteering at a local food bank to make sure your neighbors have enough food on their table, singing in a choir on Sunday with your family, or coaching a youth basketball team – there are so many ways to have an impact in your community.


Voting is like that, too. 

People in power are counting on us to be disengaged and unmotivated but when we use our collective voices at the ballot box to send those who make decisions for our communities a message, we’re standing up and saying that WE get to decide who has a say.


Participation is revolutionary.


You can speak up, speak out, and use your voice to make sure that what’s important to you isn’t ignored by those in power. 


While Election Day isn’t until November 5th, it’s never too early to start preparing to vote.


Whether that’s checking your voter registration status, registering to vote for the first time, researching local issues that matter to you, or checking out what elected offices will be on your ballot – you can start now and be ready to go when the time comes to vote this fall.

Voting in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania enacted Automatic Voter Registration in September 2023. This means that PA residents who are obtaining new or renewed driver licenses and ID cards and are eligible to vote will be automatically taken through the voter registration application process unless they opt out of doing so.


If you are unsure if you’re registered to vote, you can use the links below to check your registration status or register to vote for the first time.

Check your voter registration status

Register to vote for the first time


For more information and resources on voting in Pennsylvania,


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