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  • Tatenda Musapatike

Thank you.

Wow. I am truly shocked and humbled at the outpouring of support for the Voter Formation Project over these past weeks.

The Voter Formation Project has long been a dream of mine, and bringing it to fruition to such resounding support and encouragement from my family, colleagues, and friends has been deeply encouraging.

I created this organization to address problems that are deeply rooted and systemic in our industry, and I’m heartened to know that some of the best and brightest minds in politics are doing the work alongside me. No one of us can change the way voter registration and mobilization works in this country alone, but together, we have a real shot at making voting accessible to all-- as it was meant to be.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And I can’t wait to be in this fight with you.

Talk soon,


“American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.” – James Baldwin

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