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  • Tatenda Musapatike

Letter from the CEO: Growing the Voter Formation Project

Hi guys- it’s been a minute! Today, I want to talk to you about VFP’s next steps, beginning with a big one: bringing on a Director of People and Culture.

You all know how much the Voter Formation Project means to me, and just how personal this work is, but it’s not just about equitable voting participation. A big part of why I’ve wanted to build my own organization is because I care intensely about how people work. The impact of an organization is not just the programmatic results, but the lasting impacts that working can have on the staff who create the results. Those lasting impacts in the progressive + digital industry are far too often harmful. I'm going to do my best to run an organization that 24 year old me could thrive in, and as such, I’m making one of my first hires a Director of People and Culture. This way, I'm hoping to ensure that as the Voter Formation Project grows, we stay true to our mission and ensures the safety and health of our staff.

I’m looking for a Director of People and Culture who will help make VFP a workplace that reflects our work: one that values the voices of all people, and prioritizes inclusivity in a diverse environment. This person will not only have this passion, but will have demonstrated it in past roles and is able to dream big about what's next. With their help, we'll map out how to build the organization for success, with sustainability in mind, and do what’s best for our people and mission.

I think I’ve made clear what I don’t want, but I’ll say it again: VFP will not operate like a campaign. We’re focused on creating new, healthy norms (think: normal working hours, a team that cares that you sleep, being paid what you’re worth, real health insurance!), in- and out-of cycle.

If you think you’d be a good fit for the Voter Formation Project, or know someone who would be, drop us a line on our Jobs page (seriously, use the job application and don’t just Twitter DM or LinkedIn me). Thanks for being a part of VFP’s journey- having your support makes a world of difference in this fight.

Talk soon,


“American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it.” – James Baldwin

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